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BitFractal inclusive culture

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Empower Business Users With AI

BitFractal inclusive culture

BitFractal was founded in 2022 with the idea that everyone should be able to empower themselves and benefit from the AI revolution.

With that mindset, BitFractal's mission is delivered by removing all the complexity of AI technologies and meet business users, all and any user, where they are and in the tools they are familiar with.

BitFractal's team combines over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with advanced knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and emerging technologies, backed-up by advanced master's degree in AI from the University of Central Florida (UCF) to bring to customers to latest and greatest in technology, translated into a simple and easy tool.

We Grow Stronger Together

Microsoft for Startups

In 2022, BitFractal was invited to join Microsoft's ISV Success Partner Program for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams to combine these technologies to bring all the power of Azure AI to the tools users love to use, like Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

6 months later, BitFractal was awarded multiple prizes and got recognition for our innovation, ability to deliver, and speed to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, adopting new technologies, like OpenAI, immediately after launch. For these characteristics, BitFractal was invited in 2023 to partner with Microsoft for Startups.

Being led by Claudia Leite, our CEO, Latina, and a Woman in Tech, BitFractal was also invited to join Microsoft's ISV Success DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) program for selected startups.

BitFractal history


Meet the Founders

BitFractal CEO, Claudia Leite, assembled a team of experienced professional to reimagined how AI could better serve people across organization of all sizes and industries. 

Claudia is an extraordinary example of how Women in Tech contribute to a better world by bringing innovation along a new perspective to business.



Leading two different tech startups, Claudia is the heart and soul of BitFractal, guiding the values and principles of the company.

BitFractal CEO Claudia Leite



With 25+ working in technology, Renato brings his experience and extensive knowledge in AI to materialize our values into our products.

Renato Oliveira - CIO


BitFractal in the News

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