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Our Mission

Empower every person to achieve better business results through the easy use of Artificial Intelligence.


Our core goal is to simplify how AI is leveraged today and make it truly available to all, everywhere, and all the time.

Our Story

Founded in 2022 at the heart of Central Florida, BitFractal was created to close the gap between technology and non-technical users, business users, that could benefit from advanced technology but struggle to find purpose-built applications that meet their needs without all the complexity of most Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools. 

BitFractal CEO, Claudia Leite, assembled a team of experienced professional to reimagined how AI could better serve people across organization of all sizes and industries. 

Claudia is an extraordinary example of how Women in Tech contribute to a better world by bringing innovation along a new perspective to business. 

BitFractal's team combines over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with advanced knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and emerging technologies, backed-up by advanced master's degree in AI from the University of Central Florida (UCF) to bring to customers to latest and greatest in technology, without any complexities.

In 2022, BitFractal decided to become a Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams to combine these technologies to bring all the power of Azure AI to the tools users love to use, like Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Beginning with Text-to-Speech (STT) to help companies build voice-over projects for trainings, advertising, games, and more, this is just the first step in building more and more AI apps that makes business users lives more productive.

Experienced Leadership

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