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Standard Contract and Terms of Use

Click this link below to download our standard contract and terms of use.

Supplemental Terms of Use for AI Solution

The use of AI requires all licensed users of any BitFractal application to comply with the following terms:
Content requirements
  • All content released through BitFractal text to speech (TTS) app and associated metadata must be originally created by the user and/or organization, appropriately licensed, used as permitted by the rights holder, or used as otherwise permitted by law. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate rights to all content you input to the text to speech service.
  • This service must not be used to simulate the voice or image of politicians or government officials, even with their consent.
Your text to speech feature must:
  • disclose the synthetic nature of voices, images, and/or videos to users such that users are not likely to be deceived or duped—or able to prank others—into believing they are interacting with a real person; and
  • support a feedback channel that allows users of the service to report issues with the service and ensure that you address reported issues in a reasonable manner.
Your text to speech feature must not be used:
  • to deceive or intentionally misinform people;
  • for the purpose of false advertising;
  • to claim to be from any person, company, government body, or entity without explicit permission to make that representation;
  • to impersonate any person without explicit permission, including to gain information or privileges;
  • to enhance the authority or credibility of content in connection with financial, health, legal, political, or spiritual matters;
  • to create, incite, or disguise hate speech, discrimination, defamation, terrorism, or acts of violence;
  • in applications that are sexually explicit;
  • to exploit or manipulate children;
  • to make unsolicited phone calls, bulk communications, posts, or messages;
  • to disguise policy positions or political ideologies; or
  • to disseminate unattributed content or misrepresent sources.
Report abuse 

If you suspect that BitFractal Speech text to speech is being used in manner that is abusive or illegal, or infringes on your rights or the rights of other people, you can report it at the Contact Us page.

The BitFractal Product Terms prohibit customers from using any services, including text to speech, to violate the law. Customers who violate the terms of service will lose access to those services.

Changes to this code of conduct

Customers are responsible for complying with the current code of conduct, which may be updated from time to time. BitFractal will notify customers that have used AI Speech within the previous 6 months of updates by email. If you have not used the AI Speech service for more than 6 months prior to a particular update, then you will not receive a notification.
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