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BitFractal Guide to Supported Languages and Voices

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Build global voiceover projects with hundreds of voices available in BitFractal TTS App.

This post is updated frequently as new voices are added, bookmark it for future reference.

BitFractal is continuously evolving to bring to you the most ultra realistic AI voices in the world, and across a vast spectrum of languages and dialects to make your ads, posts, IVR messages, trainings, e-learning, e-books, and any other voice content to shine and engage with your target audience.

BitFractal voiceover languages and voices
BitFractal voiceover languages and voices

Table of Supported Languages and Voices

Below you can find the current list of languages and voices supported by BitFractal TTS for voiceover content creation:

1 The neural voice is available in public preview. Voices and styles in public preview are only available in three service regions: East US, West Europe, and Southeast Asia.

2 Phonemes, custom lexicon, and visemes aren't supported yet.

3 For the multilingual voice the primary default locale is en-US.

Start creating your voiceover projects now

BitFractal is available for Microsoft Teams, M365, and Outlook. Start your free trial now and connect to your audience in a whole new way.

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