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BitFractal has officially launched!

Time to celebrate! The best AI voiceover for Microsoft reached General Availability and is open for purchase through Microsoft stores.

BitFractal is proud to announce and bring to market the first AI solution that brings all the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud directly to business users, in their flow of work, for voiceover content creation, giving voice to creativity to build rich voice prompts for videos, social media content, e-learnings, marketing ads, trainings, IVRs, and more, at easy, and embracing the unmatched productivity and collaboration of Microsoft Teams.

BitFractal App for Microsoft Teams
BitFractal App for Microsoft Teams

Our solution is designed to work as Lego blocks, adding more and more AI capabilities to harness the power of the latest and greatest technologies. Our first app, TTS or Text-to-Speech helps users to write voice prompts using more than 400 voices, across 140+ languages, with options to choose from different genders, speaking styles, speed, pitch, and more, to ensure your voiceovers are indistinguishable from human-recorded prompts without all the time and cost of a studio recording.

More than that, the flexibility of our solution allows prompts to be adjusted, changed, recreated at any time and as many times as needed, something that is just impossible using a studio. And no need for multiple voice actors, build once, record with different voices for better engaging with your audience.

BitFractal TTS (Text-to-Speech) for voiceovers
BitFractal TTS (Text-to-Speech) for voiceovers

BitFractal is the only Text-to-Speech application, fruit of our strong partnership with Microsoft, that is available to be acquired from all Microsoft App stores and ready to run on Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and M365, exactly where content creators are and on the tools they are already familiar with.

BitFractal for M365, Outlook, and Teams
BitFractal for M365, Outlook, and Teams

BitFractal is an innovative startup company that delivers AI-powered solutions to business users in their flow of work in Microsoft Teams, M365, and Outlook, removing the complexity of advanced technologies by making them intuitive and simple to use, accelerating time to value and helping organizations of all sizes and industries to embrace cutting-edge technologies as part of their digital transformations. Based in Orlando, Florida, with global digital outreach, serving content creators around the world. For more information visit

“Through our solutions we strive to bring to our customers enhanced productivity and collaboration in their flow of work, by leveraging cutting-edge AI,” said Claudia Leite, CEO of BitFractal. “The availability of our BitFractal application in Microsoft AppSource enable us to offer these key benefits to our users directly on Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Outlook, bringing AI capabilities exactly where users are”.

Click here to start your FREE trial on Microsoft Teams now.

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