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Give voice to your ideas with Text-to-Speech

Use AI to create professional audio segments using 330+ neural voices across 129 languages and variants combined to the incomparable productivity and collaboration of Microsoft Teams.  

Quickly build voice projects for marketing, blog posts, e-learning, ads, IVRs, and more...

BitFractal leverages cutting edge technology to transform text scripts into natural voice clips to be used for promos, ads, social media posts, news, corporate trainings, e-learning and many other applications.

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Solution 

Born in the cloud using the best of AI to deliver a solution for individuals or companies with simplicity. No installations or downloads required.

AI Cognitive Services

Backed by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, BitFractal delivers neural voices clips that can be customized with speaking styles to produce professional content that looks just like humans. 

Collaboration and Productivity

BitFractal runs on Microsoft Teams to add and enhance collaboration and productivity for the entire organization while building voice projects.

Meet users where they are

BitFractal was designed to be available for all users in their flow of work. As an App, a bot, as part of a team chat, or as collaborative tab on a channel. BitFractal is wherever the user is.

What are the values and benefits of using AI to convert Text to Speech?

Our voices make connections, project sentiments and translate emotions that are associated to who we are as people or companies.

Connecting with customers or an audience through voice creates proximity and better engagement results, but doing this in a consistent way across different channels can be challenging for organizations that must rely on costly studios, professional recordings and multiple back and forth to make a project succeed.

With BitFractal, human-like voice clips can be generated simply and as many times as needed, using Neural AI Voices with different styles, genders, languages and profiles that becomes your company's brand for internal and external contents. 

AI brings the future to organizations


Of technical decision makers consider the opportunity with AI to be bigger today than it has ever been.


Of technical decision makers believe that every application could benefit from AI to help spur innovation and drive better customer and employee experiences.


Of technical decision makers believe they don't have the necessary resources to build AI capabilities themselves.


Of technical leaders say they would use more AI if it was easier to develop and deploy.


Companies have seen that more effective AI delivered better Customer Experience, increased automation,  business agility, employee productivity, and revenue growth by about 50%

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Teams

Cognitive Services

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Microsoft and Devpost selected BitFractal as a winner for the Microsoft Teams Apps Development Challenges in 2022!

Companies of all sizes trust BitFractal to accelerate their business through easy AI adoption to bring their global teams together, scale up voice productions with reliability and security.

See it in action

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